Prepare Your Body For The Sun. The Summer Is Just Around The Corner


The summer is around the corner and  it’s time to start preparing yourself for the bright, warm, yet harmful sun. It’s no secret that everyone likes to go to the beach and get that awesome bronze tan. Laying around on the golden sands under the gentle caresses of the sun beams is a dream come true. But everyone should know and remember, that as pleasurable laying under the sun is, there are hidden dangers to your body. Sun bathing can be a real devastation to your skin, and your overall health.

Sunburns can lead to serious pain and discomfort the least. In some severe cases they can produce serious and permanent damage, that will haunt you for the rest of your days. This being said you are probably wondering how to prevent such outcome for your body. Quitting sunbathing is out of the question, I agree. It’s one of the few purely pleasurable moments in life. But there are several steps that you should do to prevent your skin from burning. When you go to the beach you should use a sun protection cream with high SPF, lay in short intervals under the sun, and regularly turn so that both your back and your front are equally exposed to the sun.

The whole protection though, begins much earlier. Around April we witness the first more or less strong sun beams hitting the earth. This is the time you should start preparing for the first time you are going to lay down near the seaside and let your body to the sun. During this time of year there are three essential steps you should take.

Exfoliate your skin

There are many, many articles on how to exfoliate your body in the internet. Some of them are better than others, but ultimately all of them will get you the needed result. The exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin, left from the winter. In a way this is just like our furry friends shed their winter fur for a thinner, summer one. Cleaning the dead and dry cells from your body will help your skin to become softer and smoother, and of course you will look radiant and younger after the procedure. All you need to do is pick one of the thousands exfoliation techniques form the net, scrub your body from the feet to the neck, and when you get to the face be very gentle, because the skin there is very sensitive, and it’s easy to do damage if you are not careful.

Although your skin will look fantastic after the scrub, it will most probably be very dry. This is the part where you take care of this problem

Hydrate your skin

After the exfoliation your body will be very dry and sensitive. Your skin will be reddish and will need immediate attention to prevent irritations, and inflammations. Again on the internet you may find countless recipes for homemade moisturizers, or you can use your favorite one from the store. Don’t spare the moisturizer and apply generously on the skin. After you are done with your body, use hydrating cream for your face and neck. Usually they are more soft and sensitive places and need different kind of moisturizer, so be sure to check if you have the right one.

However if you don’t drink enough water, all the creams in the world won’t help you with your dry cream. You should drink at least a gallon of water every day, and that’s the bare minimum.

After you’re done with this task, it’s time to move on, and get to the most pleasant part of your preparation.

Slowly introduce your skin to the sun

Your skin is like a shy girl that needs a proper introduction, several meetings and a lot of attention if you want it to get along and not to have any problems with the company. You can’t throw a shy girl in the middle of a party, where she dosen’t know anyone, and hope everything’s going to be OK. It won’t. The same goes for your skin. You can’t throw it out under the sun just like that, it needs a proper introduction. Several short meetings with good and reliable safeguards like a sunscreen with high SPF, a hat which will protect your most sensitive parts like the face and neck. If you want to go sunbathing this early to get ready for the summer do it with moderation – no more than 10 minutes under the sun, than go to the shades and in two hours do the same. Don’t forget to drink water and use lip balm that has SPF to protect your lips from the sun. Remember, that less than a month ago you were with a scarf and your body hasn’t seen the sunlight in over 5 months. Give it time to adjust.

Follow those three steps and you will significantly reduce the chance of severe sunburns during the summer. Keep in mind that those are just precautions, and if you disregard the routine, you should do before and during sunbathing, the chance of getting sunburn and skin damage is very high. Be safe so that you won’t have to hide under the shades for the whole summer.