Is There Such Thing As Too Much Protein?

What do you see in the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror? Well your body of course, but that’s not what I’ll be talking about. What I want you to see is what you are made of. And you are mostly made of protein. Protein is a macronutrient, filled with amino acids, which generally is the most important substance you consume. It is essential for the creation of new cells, maintain tissues, and synthesize new proteins. There are several types of proteins, but in a nutshell they are responsible for you being alive. They help you move around, they form your skin, and even your hair and nails grow thanks to this macronutrient.

We all know that consuming protein is essential for gaining muscle mass, losing weight, and even simply living. Some of the best sources of protein are absolutely not vegan-friendly. Meat, eggs and dairy products are the richest in protein, after all meat is essentially muscles, and muscles are made of protein. On the other hand we have eggs, which are mostly egg whites, which sometimes is used as a synonym of protein. But for all of you vegans, don’t worry, you can find proteins in most nuts and beans, as well as in tofu.

There is a lot about protein that should be said, but most importantly, you shouldn’t disregard it. It is essential for you and your diet should always contain proteins. But is there such thing as too much protein? Well let’s check out.

Our bodies need amino acids for virtually all physiological functions. This means that we will absorb almost all the protein we take. The small intestine alone will absorb over 50% of all the protein you consume. And if you add all the other organs skin, muscles, hair ect. It seems that you can eat all the protein in the world and still not get enough. On the other hand there are theories that your body can absorb only 30g. of protein per meal. This of course is absolutely not true. Your body doesn’t just stop absorbing neutrinos at some limit. Furthermore a grown mail who trains regularly needs more than 120 g. of protein a day, depending on his weight, he might need up to 150 and more grams of protein a day. If your body absorbed just a limited amount, this will be almost impossible.

However, like everything else on God’s green Earth, proteins should also be consumed with a limit. The limit is high, and it won’t cause you any harm if you intake your protein with a healthy diet including carbs and fats, but if you overdo it, it can actually cause some serious health issues. Overdoing proteins might cause some less damaging effects like stinky breath or mood swings, but also it may affect your kidneys, which is a serious problem. And if you say that as long as you lose weight thanks to your protein-rich diet, all is worth it, than you should definitely take a note, that high consumption of proteins might actually end up in you gaining weight.

So what’s the ideal dosage? Well this depends on what your goal is and it’s not an unique number we can give. But basically a person should consume protein as much as 35% of his/hers daily calories intake. Combining those proteins with some carbs, fats and fibers, and you are sure to be healthy and strong.