Is Alcohol Our Friend Or Our Enemy


Ah, Alcohol! A true enemy of person’s well being. It has so much negative effects on the human body that it’s truly astonishing why it has so many fans around the world. It’s part of almost every culture in the world. It has a social role in many countries and cultures. It’s also part of traditions and the way of life. OK! Sure! I agree that alcohol may help you have a better time, or even relieve stress, but the cause of this benefits is too high.

Being drunk is dangerous regardless of the harm alcohol does to you. Your motor functions are compromised; your decisions are made without clear judgment and without accurately predicting the consequences of your actions, which may lead to serious injuries or at least of great social awkwardness in the following day. Whether or not it is healthy, each of us has an occasional drinking night. It even happens to get blackout-drunk. Those nights have a very bad effect on your fitness and health, but if you are doing just them, things are not that bad. The real problem is with people that drink little, but every day. They are sure, that because they don’t get intoxicated and they don’t get the side effects of drinking, they are safe from alcohol’s harm.

But what exactly is alcohol doing to your health and fitness when you consume it? Well first of all alcohol is responsible for dehydration. One might think that all this peeing while you drink your body is actually hydrating well and your body ejects the unnecessary liquid. Guess again. Actually drinking alcohol is truly the reason why you urinate so often, but in fact it’s not due to good hydration. This may cause severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. This will increase leaves of a toxin known as Acetaldehyde, which is the main reason why in the morning you feel like you’ve eaten a weasel and your head is going to burst. You can counter this effect very simple – just drink water. For every glass of alcohol drink two glasses of water. This way your excessive peeing won’t affect your hydration level and at least your hangover will be less severe.

Another thing you might want to add to alcohol’s long list of factors that harm your health is the fact that acetaldehyde is a group I carcinogen. This makes alcohol equivalent to tobacco and asbestos. So think twice next time you look with disgust to smokers while you have a drink in your hand.

The direct effect that this toxin has on your fitness is easily concluded – because of the dehydration you will feel groggy, you have low energy thus the chances of you going to the gym are slim to none. As a minus is the fact that alcohol is full of empty calories which promote fat gaining.

The safe amount of alcohol you can drink is 40g. of alcohol every 2 days. This way your body will completely dissolve the alcohol and its short term effects. If you do so your testosterone levels, which are essential for your overall fitness and muscle gain, won’t change.

With every additional glass of alcohol you increase the negative effects to your body. From only 3 drinks (120g.) you will decrease your testosterone leaves with nearly 1/4 and the effect will continue for more than 36 hours. Scientists believe that the more severe your hangover is, the less testosterone is produced and the longer it takes to normalize.

Another negative effect of alcohol is the effect it has on your diet. Essential for any diet is the time you eat and the portions you consume. Alcohol disturbs the production of leptine, which is the hormone that alerts your body that you are full. So when this hormone is disturbed, you feel hungry, and as your judgment is clouded it’s likely to grab something very unhealthy to eat.

Furthermore every gram of alcohol contains roughly 7 calories. This means that in three glasses of your favorite beverage there are 840 calories. The bigger problem is the effect that alcohol has on your metabolism. Usually your body uses glucose and fat as its primary source of energy fuel. If you add alcohol on the other hand, your body prioritizes it over anything else, and in the end you gain 840 calories worth of fat on your bones. This of course is without accounting for the food you are going to consume while you drink and while your body manages to absorb all the alcohol.

So the best solution for you is to forget alcohol all together. But it’s perfectly understandable, if you come to a situation, where you will be made to have a drink. Events like weddings, company gatherings and many others require a formal drink. All you have to do during those events is to get a small drink of clear liquor and “lick” it through the whole night. This way the next morning you will be able to continue your path towards fit and healthy life.