About us

Hello World

We are The Health and Fitness Project team and we are here to assist you to better your lives. The Health and Fitness Project aims to help people to change their life and habits for the better.

Obesity around the world is “taking hostage” thousands of people every year. Unhealthy food, tainted water and air poison our bodies and slowly but surely push us towards various despises. These factors are becoming more and more visible every day, and we can easily see that behind them there is greed, lust for power and corruption. All this things affect our right to live a normal, healthy and Eco-friendly life. This is why The Health and Fitness Project aims not only to teach people how to eat and train, so that they can improve their health, but also to change people’s mentality and to raise awareness of the dangers they can encounter during their daily lives in the big city.

We know the task we put in front of us is not easy, nor can it be done in a few weeks, but step by step we hope to reach more people who will be able to live, work and of course love in an healthier and safer environment.

We want to help the establishment of good relations and dialogue between people and government, so that they both can fight with corruption and unethical abuse of liberties. In this way more and more people will be able to join in mass sporting events and to start sparing money for healthier food from local sources. This will enhance both the public’s health and the country’s economy.